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Aqua is known for its innovative solutions to transport challenges and this is most evident in our relationship with the Mining and Quarry industries. These industries have unique requirements in terms of transport and processing which Aqua has been able to satisfy with customised mining and quarry equipment.


Aqua’s experience in providing on-site crushing and screening plant, has established Aqua as a national leader in this field. Having the ability to crush and screen material on site, removes the need to transport heavy material from the quarry to a processing plant.

The quarried material can be processed at the source and loaded for transport to its destination. In addition, Aqua provides specialised trucks that are capable of transporting up to 40 tonnes of materials. The combined time and cost savings of processing on-site and transporting larger quantities are significant.


The mining industry requires a large fleet of specialised plant and Aqua is proud of its association with some of South Africa’s flagship mining companies.

Aqua Fleet Services supplies highly specialised and reinforced mining equipment such as 75 tonne excavators and 40 tonne dump trucks. Specialised equipment requires specialist staff and Aqua has invested in training our operators to a high standard, in line with industry standards and the specific requirements of the mining industry. Where possible, we have recruited staff from communities situated in proximity to the mines and provided them with a high level of skills training that will ensure their continued, regular employment.