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Founded in 1986, Aqua began operations as a small scale plant hire business. Through excellent customer service, business acumen and strategic acquisitions, the Aqua Group stands today as one of South Africa’s largest plant hire companies. This has allowed Aqua to successfully complete major infrastructure and construction contracts throughout Southern Africa.

With its headquarters in Durban and branches in major centres in South Africa, the Aqua Group has the infrastructure, capacity and skills to provide a wide range of services ranging from short term plant hire to large scale infrastructure projects.

A fleet of more than a thousand plant and specialised vehicles plus a staff complement of over two thousand, including engineers, maintenance technicians, project managers and operators, makes the Aqua Group one of the largest players in this industry.

Over the years, the Aqua Group has expanded its operations to include a Roads Division, responsible for creating and maintaining thousands of kilometres of highway and other road surfaces. In addition, the company also provides fleet solutions, bulk handling and waste management services to private and public companies.

One aspect of the Aqua Group that has not changed is its focus on customer service and delivery. It is this quality that has allowed Aqua to grow into a diversified group of companies. Delivering excellent service, specialised by reliability and value for money, is the cornerstone of every aspect of our business.

The Aqua Group is a CIDB 9 CE PE graded company.

Aqua is a level 1 BBBEE company, whose management is committed to the empowerment and upliftment of all its employees.



  • Plant and Vehicle Hire
  • Water Tanker Services
  • Fleet Solutions
  • Waste Management
  • Bulk & Heavy Haulage
  • Mining and Quarrying
  • Civil Contracting
  • Asphalt Manufacture
  • Road Construction and Rehabilitation


The Aqua Group strives is built on a foundation of respect, dedication and accountability; to its clients, staff and stakeholders. It is our intention to contribute meaningfully to the development and prosperity of South Africa and its people.


  • Dedication
  • Respect
  • Ethics
  • Accountability
  • Meaningful contribution


Aqua is a level 1 BBBEE company, whose management is committed to the empowerment and upliftment of all its employees.

A large part of the Aqua Group’s success is attributed to the relationships it builds with its staff. Every manager, including the executive, has started at ground level, operating and maintaining machinery before rising up the ranks to perform supervisory and management roles. This has built a tight knit team, defined by mutual respect and pride in upholding the quality and safety standards which define every project.

95% of Aqua’s staff are from historically disadvantaged backgrounds and are represented at all levels in our company.


Our employees are our greatest asset and Aqua is committed to skills development and training to enable all of our employees to reach their full career potential in an inclusive and safe working environment. We provide our staff with extensive continuous education and training in modern construction industry standards, service delivery excellence and IT/Communications skills, to allow them provide maximum support to their colleagues and our customers.

Our Skills Development Framework aspires to uplift every member of our team, through managed and ongoing acquisition of skills. We believe that our company will only reach its full potential if our employees achieve their personal and professional growth potential. To facilitate this, we identify talent within our specialised and provide them with both on site mentoring and sponsored external education opportunities.


Providing a safe working environment for our staff is a primary concern of the Aqua Group. To achieve this we provide comprehensive and ongoing training on all aspects of our safety policy. In addition, we ensure that:

  • All machinery is kept in 100% working order.
  • All operators have the necessary qualifications and training to perform their functions.
  • Supervisors and safety officers manage all sites.
  • All projects are planned to ensure that deadlines will be met with no compromise on safety or quality.

The management team is committed to a policy of quality assurance in accordance with the South African Bureau of Standards.


The Aqua Group is also committed to improving the 
lives of vulnerable community members through our Social Responsibility Program. Aqua sponsors worthy organisations to assist them in their valuable work. One of the organisations we are involved with is an Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre which supports addicts to return to society as active members. Where possible, the Aqua Group finds employment for recovering addicts to provide them with income and a sense of self worth.


Aqua is active all over South Africa and strives to make a positive difference wherever we go. In addition to providing vital services such as water and infrastructure, Aqua seeks to become part of each community for the duration of the project. Employing local skills and providing training is a large part of our commitment to community development. In addition, we become involved in the life of the community, sponsoring local events and getting to know the people we serve.


Aqua is committed to skills development, particularly amongst previously disadvantaged youth. We have a number of bursaries which fund school leavers in their tertiary studies. We also provide valuable work experience and guidance to our bursary recipients so that they can develop as highly trained and employable graduates, who will end with employment either with us or elsewhere after graduation.


  • Reach for a Dream Foundation
  • Samaritan Care Centre (alcohol and drug rehabilitation)
  • AFM Welfare Outreach for children for children in need
  • Samaritan Home for Abandoned Babies
  • Haven of Rest (support for destitute families and individuals)
  • Mariannhill Monastery
  • Tea for Africa