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Aqua bulk is experienced in undertaking effective delivery of a wide range of cargo including liquid and non-liquid hazardous waste as well as abnormal loads. We specialise in providing niche services to major industries throughout the SADC region. Our bulk and heavy haulage fleet of super trailers are designed to safely transport abnormal loads including dimensional loads such as large scale mining and engineering equipment.


We supply specialist transport services to industries that deal in hazardous materials such as the chemical and petroleum industries. We pride ourselves on providing innovative supply chain solutions with a dedication to quality, health, safety, security and environmental management. Aqua Bulk’s modern, pump-equipped, fuel efficient vehicles incorporate the newest developments in transportation technology including satellite communication and GPS tracking. Our tankers are equipped with in-transit heat or cooling systems, where required.


Abnormal loads can be defined as those that require special transport arrangement due to weight, height, length or width. Aqua Bulk works with its clients to find solutions to any specialist transport requirement and relies on its many years of experience of safely transporting abnormal cargo. From custom building vehicles capable of carrying the load, to obtaining all route permits, convoy services and permissions from the relevant road and transport departments, Aqua handles all requirements safely and effectively.


When transporting materials, particularly abnormal loads across countries, it is crucial to have a partner that understands the unique requirements of specialist transport and is capable of managing the complex logistical arrangements. In addition to special travel permits for each country traversed, there is the added dimension of customs and excise documentation and border control requirements. Failure to provide the correct documentation at any stage, could result in desperately needed cargo or equipment being refused entry or impounded for weeks. Aqua Bulk has a proven track record of successfully transporting normal and abnormal loads throughout Southern Africa to countries such as Mozambique, Zambia, Namibia and Democratic Republic of Congo.


  • Eskom
  • Enviroserve
  • Mozal
  • Mozgas
  • Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme (Eskom project)
  • Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP)
  • Telkom
  • NCP Durban
  • NCP Johannesburg
  • Nitroflow
  • Oil Separation Services
  • Omnia Holdings
  • Sudchemmie
  • Tantalite Resources
  • Umgeni Water
  • Zetachem
  • Johannesburg Water