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Currently, Aqua has two asphalt manufacturing plants, situated at Redcliff Verulam and Newcastle.


This plant is situated in Quarry road, next to Verulam Quarry, which is owned by AfriSam. AfriSam is the primary supplier of quarry aggregates to Aqua in this region.

The asphalt manufacturing plant is a locally built unit, supplied by Comar Engineering. It is a single drum plant and, is capable of producing 100 tonnes per hour. The dryer drum is fitted with a recycle ring, and is capable of receiving up to 25% Reclaimed Asphalt (RA). This is material milled off deteriorated asphalt surfaced roads undergoing rehabilitation and reconstruction, which is then screened into three differently-sized fractions, using a triple-deck screening plant. The resulting RA is then utilized with virgin aggregate, in accurate proportions in the mix designs of our various mixes. It is fed from separate cold-feed bins into the drying and heating drum of the asphalt plant, via the recycle ring. It is heated, not by direct flame, but by heat transfer from the virgin aggregate, which has been superheated by contact with the direct flame, as it is fed into the drum. The blended material is then mixed with the required amount of bitumen and is pumped into the drum, via a dedicated delivery system.

Aqua is proficient in supplying all and any mixes, specified by the various roads agencies, and municipalities who create a continuous demand for asphalt, via contracts awarded to Aqua. The Verulam asphalt manufacturing plant also meets the demands of sundry contractors, including domestic driveway contractors.

The laboratory, situated within the office complex at the plant and staffed by competent testers and technicians, executes all mix designs and continuous process control testing as part of a quality management system. The asphalt technical department operates under the direction of the technical manager and laboratory manger, who both have years of valuable experience in this field.


This plant was supplied by Wirtgen, built in Brazil, and is a Ciber Model. It is a drum-mix plant capable of producing 120 tonnes of asphalt per hour. The asphalt manufacturing plant is located at the former Ngagane Quarry, now known as Afrisam Quarry, Newcastle, which is the primary supplier of quarry aggregates to the Aqua plant site.

This plant produces asphalt mixes from virgin aggregate only, as very little asphalt milling occurs in the area. It is also equipped with a process control laboratory staffed by competent material testers and falls under the control of our technical management, based at Verulam. As with the Verulam asphalt manufacturing plant, Newcastle plant supplies all – and any – mixes, as specified by the various roads agencies and local municipalities – Newcastle and Ladysmith in particular. Much of this work is acquired through tendering for contracts and we have received many awards for the quality and vision of our work.


This unit, currently under construction next to Sappi Saiccor, is adjacent to a quarry which will be operated by Aqua and is a Daewoo, 160 tonne per hour, batch plant. It is equipped with two heating and dryer drums, one of which will be utilised for RA and the other for virgin quarry aggregates. Commissioning will take place in the near future.


Aqua have developed their own Ultra-Thin Friction Course, suitable for use as an asphalt wearing course. An application was made to Agrement SA, who approved the product, and have issued certification thereof. Aqua have named the product, AquaFRICTIONCourse. To date, several projects have been executed with excellent results using AquaFRICTIONCourse.


Aqua has the expertise to make use of milled out material and reprocess in the manufacture of Asphalt. Previously the milled-up material was either dumped or used on gravel road. This resulted in wastage of aggregate material and bitumen.

Aqua has also invested in KMA Plants whereby the resurfacing material for the construction of roads is manufactured on site. This reduces the Asphalt production at the plant thus reducing carbonised air emission also it avoids the long haulage of Asphalt also reducing road pollution.


  • Department of Transport
  • Group Five
  • Metropolitan, Local & District Municipalities
  • Raubex
  • Roadmac Surfacing
  • Stefanutti/Stocks
  • Rumdel


Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project

The upgrade of 561 kilometres of freeway.

Gauteng, South Africa

Upgrade Of Main Road P749

Upgrade 10km stretch of provincial road to main road.

uMzimkhulu, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Ballito Interchange

Redesigned interchange with two loop ramps to ease congestion.

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

M13 Highway – Road Resurfacing

Resurfacing a 35km stretch of high usage highway.

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

eThekwini Municipality – Road Rehabilitation

On any given day, Aqua is busy working on five roads in the eThekwini region, from main thoroughfares to side roads and everything in between.

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Umgeni Interchange

Award winning ‘diamond pattern’ interchange to facilitate improved traffic flow.

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa